In the fall of 1935 nestled on the Western shores of Lake Michigan the classy little town of Algoma, WI received a tremendous gift.  With the help of special programs created by Franklin D. Roosevelt and his Administration, the Algoma School District was able to construct and dedicate the communities’ first auditorium as an integral part of their school system.  This investment to build an auditorium at that time would later prove to provide endless opportunities for this community.  In the summer of 2008 by the hands of many generous donors this historical auditorium received a much needed $250,000 renovation to preserve its history and richness for future generations to enjoy. This is only the beginning of what this iconic auditorium has to offer all of those who visit each and every year.

In September of 2014, exactly 79 years after it was dedicated, a group of dedicated community members, professional musicians, educators, and business professionals developed a vision for the auditorium.  Although part of the school in structure, it was determined that a renaming of the auditorium was necessary to create proper identity in order to take it to the next level.  It was officially renamed to The Algoma Performing Arts Center in the fall of 2014.  Shortly after it was renamed our mission statement was created to keep us aligned as visionaries.

The Algoma Performing Arts Center is an organization devoted to bring extraordinary performers to the Algoma community.  As a committee we are focused on students and strive to provide opportunities to develop their creativity and skills.